Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love one another...

My day started with a slump--I set the alarm for 4:40 with the intent to get up, walk the dog and go to Spinning class. I turned off the alarm instead of hitting snooze. I lay there thinking about my day ahead. The clock skipped forward to 5:30, the time my class begins. Whoops! I missed it. I called in to let the gym know I would not be there in case someone was waiting for a seat. I crawled back into bed with the light on and fell asleep until 6:15. I guess I needed sleep, so sleep I did.

Rather than beating myself up, I choose to acknowledge that my body and mind needed the rest. I chose to love myself this morning and take the opportunity to provide for my own needs. After catching up with Nik and watching the dog and cat continue to become more acquainted with one another, I readied myself for work and was out the door.

It rained overnight. I had no idea, and considered the rain also contributed to my extra sleep. I can sleep so soundly when there is rain and gentle storms are around me. With the storms that have been so strong in my personal life, I am learning to find comfort and joy even during turbulence. I appreciate the strength and grace that I receive.

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