Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The reason for things

This morning I took a few moments from my work day to reflect on the pray.nd.edu mailing I receive each workday. I was blessed by the devotional reflection itself--a model for being in the moment and appreciating the great small things of everyday life. I found myself pining for the experience of the writer, and in short order remembered that I have my own life and calling and should not wish for hers.

The prayer for the day bears repeating here. I found that it opened my eyes a bit more, as today's Gospel indicates is possible, so that I can see why I have had the experiences I was given in the past year. This prayer serves as a reminder to me of where my life was headed and how I am called to value the spiritual not the carnal in this life.

Lord of all, I live in a world that places mind over Spirit, head over heart – a world full of structures and language that have become icons to education and intelligence, self-assertion and self-importance – let me know the depths of faith hidden from this world of the here and now. I pray that I might see, and hear, and live as the Disciples saw, and heard, and lived.
I ask this in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen. 
-- Br. Robert E. Sylvester, Esq., C.S.C.
Br. Robert is the Director of the Initiative on Spirituality in the Professions at the Institute for Church Life at the University. You are invited to read his daily blog at http://spirlaw.wordpress.com