Thursday, October 10, 2013

Challenge - Day 25

As life happens I am not a consistent blogger. So, suffice it to say I'll make a summary here from the last entry until this morning.

I am, evidently, a consistent follower of my plan. I estimate I followed my plan 90% of the time. I didn't keep track that closely. My worst cheat day was two extra handfuls of raw, unsalted almonds in a fit of stress at work.

Results matter, so what are my results on this, the day after completion of the challenge?

A total of 7.75 inches lost around my body. I was disappointed with the numbers last night, but I need to keep remembering that people are noticing my health and shape has changed. They are commenting on weight loss and radiant skin. I have noticed these things too. I think I mentioned I went shopping in my own closet last weekend. I switched from spring / summer to fall / winter clothes. I got rid of *too big* and too shabby. I took clothes to both Goodwill and the local consignment shop. My clothes that went unworn for a year in the great closet hanger turnaround now fit me the way they are supposed to. This alone contributes to people thinking I've lost much more weight than I have. A close friend at work asked (somewhat seriously) if my total weight loss was 'like 50 lbs.' I assured her it was only 24 since April. 24 that I've lost and kept off.

So, the big reveal is this morning's weigh in. My ten day cleanse loss had been 8lbs. That was amazing in my mind for 10 days. I expected big loss for the second phase, the 14 days. I was a little disappointed, but I had no set number for expectation. I lost an additional six pounds. Overall I've done away with 30 pounds of weight in six months. My BMI has gone from 37 to 33. Still 'obese' but so much better. With 19 more pounds loss I will be under 200 lbs...I cannot tell you when I was under that number last. My best guess is junior high school judging by photos of me in high school and jr. high.

So, what have I gained? I have gained energy and a reaffirmed commitment to life. I have a spring in my step and do not get winded climbing stairs in multiple flights now. I have always enjoyed my Spinning workouts at the gym, but now I feel like and do up the intensity as much as possible to stay within the training ranges. I've also been planning my post-challenge binges for about a week now. This morning, I didn't really want to blow that, so I sit with my HBEGGS (hard-boiled eggs) and kiwi berries. I packed my salad for lunch and snacks 'as usual.' I want to keep the weight off. I will let myself have some 'indulgences' but if it goes like last night, it won't be out of control. (A friend at work asked to cook dinner for me between end of day and preparing for a library workshop we needed to observe. It was her shrimp scampi. The recipe was clean save the linguine--it wasn't whole wheat. I went sparingly, probably had a half cup and not more with five large shrimp cooked in garlic, olive oil and lemon with parsley. It was delicious and filling.)

So, I am changed, for the better after this challenge. I encourage anyone to try it but strongly recommend that you are committed from before you begin. I didn't want 'unclean' foods throughout the challenge because I decided that the results would matter. I loved that I could prepare for the week and then spend less than five minutes each day preparing my meals. Shopping in my fridge from the preplanned menus was awesome.

I am to wait ninety days before trying another cleanse according to what I've read. That's roughly 12 weeks, so come January I will be ready (perhaps) to begin another cleanse. I have friends who are starting the program this week. I encourage them to be encouraged. I will support you, listen to you and answer questions from my own perspective. Know that your journey is yours. It's an individual experience like none other. You are in control and you decide what works best for you.

Peace be with you.