Thursday, September 19, 2013

Challenge - Day 2/24

After recovering from the great chocolate incident of day one, I realized that yes, I was learning and recognizing self-sabotaging behaviour. I don't believe for one minute it's a result of starting the challenge, but it's a matter of becoming more mindful of what's going into my mouth. So, it's a win, and a pretty big one for me.

I awakened feeling sleepy and hungry but started with my spark and then morning routine--no exercise this morning, and getting ready for work was smooth. I had thanked myself again for taking time to prepare my meal components on Sunday. This was indeed a big help.

One of the challenges I have is feeling OK about eating during meetings. I've let a few colleagues know that I'm on a 'sugar fast' for a few weeks to help them understand my sudden and strange need to eat every couple of hours. It's proving OK. I realized I might want to keep some of the Catalyst at my desk 'just in case' things get off track and I'm unable to snack mid-afternoon.

Nik was not at home for dinner, and I arrived later than I intended after picking up our produce order and being waylayed at work five minutes before my scheduled departure. My dinner included panseared scallops, steamed snap peas and tomatoes, shallots and zucchini sauteed in olive oil with some dried herbs. It was delicious and filling, and, I had enough for leftovers to snack the next day.

By the end of the day I was ready for sleep. It came easily, but I was up again in the middle of the night to void the bladder. I know I have excellent kidney function with all the water I'm drinking. Here's to the quart size Eddie Bauer bottle: The new love of my life. Well, at least daily companion. :)

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