Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Spinning my wheels (in a good way)

Last Monday I went to Chicago and purchased a used, but good quality, refurbished spinner bike. If you're not sure what that is, it's a stationary bike that allows you to ride like you're out in the elements and get an excellent cardio and strength workout without the risk of being plowed into by a modern driver.

I got hooked on Spinning classes about six years ago before my mom got sick. It had been years since I'd been bike riding, something I loved and lived as a child. I could ride what seemed like forever and a mile back then. I was happiest in the saddle. I could have been riding nearly every day since 1998 when my dear husband purchased mountain bikes for us, but the bike never quite fit me right. The spinner allowed me to adjust the saddle, handlebars and distance between to fit my body perfectly. I purchased clip-in shoes and was in heaven the second time I took an instructor-led class (I nearly vomited in the first class, but we'll not go there just now).

For the next five years I was consistent in class, happy to be there, even for the 5am class which was my favorite and loved the sweat, particularly when after my sinus surgery in 2011 I began to pour out sweat for some reason in every class. This was totally not me and the gym. I loathed the gym but went only because I knew if I didn't my health would slip into oblivion.

Something happened to me in 2014. I hit a wall. I quit going to the gym. There was no reason this started, and I still cannot put my finger on it. After my summer travel for conference and a brief vacation, I.Just.Stopped. Then, the location for the gym moved. I visited once, but didn't like the energy or the setup of the gym. Still, I cannot put my finger on it. Then, I talked with my all-time favorite Spinning instructor, who told me the new setup meant we had to move our bikes into formation at the beginning of class and stack them back up after. What?! I'm not that lazy, but it turns out I am. Maybe.

One year later and I'm that sap who's still paying for a gym membership she's not using. I'm about to cancel it but I can only do so between 8am and 5pm on a weekday. That's when the facility is staffed with the person who can make this happen. Nevermind that I work outside the city during those hours.

While struggling with my exercise ennui, and knowing that the weight gain I've had in the past year proves the theory I had with my five year exercise commitment prior to the past year, I had to do something. I receive monthly newsletters from Spinning (tm) for sales on equipment, accessories and programs. I started searching online auctions for information and came across a seller in the Chicagoland area. The price, if the bike was in as good condition as stated, was a steal. The company in question cleans out failed gyms, purchases their equipment and resells it to new gyms or private homes. When we were on site, my husband and I learned that more than 50% of the company's sales are to private buyers like we were becoming.

I happily rode last week to two different videos available on YouTube. Until I have my bearing and am up and running with my own programs, I'll be relying on finding quality instructors online. I'll be soon saving $30/mo on the gym membership which makes me happy. One year and I'll have the bike paid for. I'll consider an online service like Daily Burn at some point.

My difficulty is keeping on schedule with my workouts. I was unable to sleep last night (and the Monday prior), which resulted in my 40 minute workout wearing me out, making me nauseated, cranky and unable to function at work. This morning I had a similar experience -- not able to sleep until after midnight, disruption when my dear husband came home from a late night, and exhaustion when the alarm was preparing to go off. I woke to the dog nudging me, the cat sleeping on me and a puddle on the living room floor. Cleaning and feeding the pets took priority.

So, perhaps tonight after my work is done for the day I can ride.

Good reminders for form and setup: Shape Magazine Spinning Article

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