Thursday, May 16, 2013

Austin Nights

I came to Austin wondering what I might remember about my first visit more than a decade ago. Turns out, not a lot. The last time we were here was part of a whirlwind trip spent visiting too many friends. This trip was designed for selfish and no other itinerary for the duration of the trip.
I know amazingly few of the bands at the festival. Choosing is my husband's thing and I am glad to let him do so. Most I have liked. Some, I have loved.

I can choose to keep whitewashing this trip, but it started with a startle at the airport where my boss from a past and miserable life was at the airport when we arrived at our gate. I could barely stomach the vile.feelings that stirred: Clearly I am not over those responses.

I prayed and asked Nik to pray for me on the spot. I started envisioning scenarios should an interaction happen. Some were appropriate, some were not.

I know I have grown so much stronger in my life. I have been forged in the furnace. I know that a year ago I would have responded less prayerfully and less gracefully. I am thankful for an interlude that did not come to pass on that day at the airport.

This world is small, of that I am sure. Just as that next encounter will occur, so must I continue to be in the Word so that I am ready. Just when I needed it most, I was tested. In response to the test, I saw powerful, protective witness to help me be patient (thanks Rhonda for your timely post).

While I grow stronger, the world seems to fall away in encouragement. I did not respond in my usual ways: gorging on food and gossip.

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