Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Who am I to judge?

While reading an article in Ladies' Home Journal on fitness and Hollywood (read: red carpet skinny), I was reminded of some terrible things we do to meet the standard body image culture. To read a section of the article entitled, "What crazy people do" and then recall what a friend a  lifetime ago did do, "Los Angeles wardrobe stylist Lindsay Albanese had one red-carpet client who cinched her middle with an Ace bandage, wrapped tightly under her clothes, corset-style. "It did define her waist a little more, but it was ridiculous," she says." And so was the motive of the person I knew.

I am reminded that I must appreciate who I am.

I am the perpetual 'dieter' and exerciser. My metabolism and physiology are challenged due to some underlying disease, and yet I am human and make choices that aren't the best for maintaining my health and wellness--and a more svelte physique. I know I will not be 'red carpet ready' as described in the article. I don't want to be (anymore). Perhaps it's come with age, and perhaps it's just a matter of accepting who I am.

I am reminded that I must appreciate who I am.

So as I begin, again, to focus on my health and wellness, I am not only working on the physical--by nutrition and exercise. I plan to work on the emotional and spiritual as well. Two weeks ago while travelling with my husband, I heard the word 'jolly' used in some ad or promotion. I jolly well miss that word. It's useful as a verb or adverb, and I like that it is used to put into good humor.

I am reminded that I must appreciate who I am.

I have spent many months (years) in a funk. I find joy in little things, and yet, I am overwhelmed by the lack of joy in my own life. I can feel the tide starting to turn, yet it remains far from effortless. I need to put myself into good humor. I can see the effects on the world around me when I reflect it back. I want it to come more naturally.

I must appreciate who I am.

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